R/Ministries in a nutshell

R/Youth is the student movement at Valley West Christian Center. Originally Crossfire Student Ministries, Reality Youth was established to bring students into a real encounter with Jesus Christ by building an intimate relationship with him. Since 1992 the student ministries at VWCC have sent students all over the world, in all avenues of ministry, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and pulling heaven closer to earth. 


To equip, empower, and release students to advance the kingdom of heaven. 

Reality Youth has always been a safe place where students can worship God freely and passionately. We believe that encounters with God are life changing. Whether it’s our times of worship, prayer and intersession, our times in the Word, or just hanging out, students are in a constant atmosphere of love. Our desire is that students come face to face with a God who graciously loves and compassionately forgives. Being Californian’s, this ministry has been spurred by the great gold rush of the 1800’s when thousands flocked to California in search of gold. Our mandate is to pull the gold out of the hearts of students and prepare them to enter their destiny; mold them into men and women of God using the Word of God as our foundation and The Holy Spirit as our guide. We want to see students dreaming with the visions that God had placed in their hearts before they were even born! We want to release students into the business world, the arts, education, full time ministry, medicine and the sciences, politics, and media to just name a few. We believe that the Lord has placed greatness in every person who walks this earth. 

How we work

Corporate time of worship WEDNESDAYS 6:00pm called R/PM. Students also gather for R/AM on SUNDAYS following worship. We also have UNITED NIGHTS where youth groups from all over the city gather for a night of powerful worship and community.


We know how cool junior high is, so we created a ministry just for you! Every Wednesday night our JV RY team hosts services designed just for Jr.High Students. JV RY also hosts many events designated for our Jr.High Students and their friends. Which means you should probably be in Jr.High if you're going to check it out. Trust us, it's worth it.


The RY team firmly believes that the largest un-missioned territory on earth are high schools and junior high schools in America. Each week we partner with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group on our local HS and Middle School campuses contending for heaven to invade each campus.


At RY we know God has called us to disciple and release students into areas of great influence. Pastor Charles & the Reality team have developed "GO Discipleship". GO is a three track discipleship program offered bi-monthly and taught within 5 week intervals. We strongly recommend you check this out, it's a lot of fun! 

Camps & Conferences

We love to get out and worship with other students and youth groups from all over!