Who We are. our vision. 

While reading the bible, I learned how we should approach children. Jesus put things very simply into place. In Matthew 18:1-10 and 19:13-15, He shows us how we should approach His children. Understanding that the purest form of faith is that of a child. We have complicated something, that should be easy. God has called us His children from the start. With that revelation, here are some points that God has put at the forefront of our ministry:

  1. We want to provide a safe environment for kids to come and encounter Jesus. From praise and worship to our lessons we want kids to come and experience the reality of Jesus here with us. 
  2. We will offer what the world cannot.In an age where everything can be accessed with a single click we want kids to get plugged into what God is currently saying to them. The world can be a confusing place. If we train our kids into hearing Gods voice, nothing will stop them. 
  3. Identity. Our kids will change the world. I stand firm with this declaration. Through Christ all things are possible. (Phil 4:13) We want the next generation of kids to grow up with the identity that they are called to royalty.  


Reality Kids Sunday Morning 10am-12pm

VW Kids Club Wednesdays 6pm-7:30pm