Global Community


The beginning of our Mission Statement says, “To engage our world and see people turn to Christ”!

At Valley West Christian Center, we are not just committed to ministry on our church property, but

committed to ministry outside of our church walls led by our members who have a heart for those in

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual need. All throughout our “Core Values”, we state the belief of

the gifts of God set within the believer to minister within their family and community. So, it should be no

surprise that we are supportive of ministry organizations that reach our community that originate

outside our church property. These listed ministries receive promotional, physical, financial and prayer

support from our church.

MMA & Church of Madera

It all begins with an understanding of our partnership with the Church of Madera, and the Madera

Ministerial Association. The Church of Madera is born out of the Madera Ministerial Association. The

MMA, a group of Madera pastors who meet together monthly to pray, and to plan events for our

community. The MMA has set a few Sundays to bring the whole body of Christ, regardless of

denomination, together for corporate praise and worship, prayer and evangelism. It is when these

churches, usually 25 or so churches to this date, come together that we experience the larger

congregation of the Lord’s body here in Madera.

The churches and pastors are not selected, and the events and gatherings are open to any church in

Madera County. Churches are regularly invited and sent promotional materials about Church of Madera

gatherings. This is not only an expression of unity as described in Psalms 133, it is also a lot of fun to

fellowship, and work alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Love Madera

Love Madera is a way to bring together churches to love our city by filling the needs we have right here

at home. We typically gather in April and September to love on our city through various projects at a

variety of locations throughout our city led by people within the church. We will all meet at Courthouse

Park for a brief time of prayer and then go out to our city from there.

Love Madera is more than just bi-annual events, churches display the heart of Love Madera through

Adopt-a-School Programs as well as MMA Sponsored prayer gatherings throughout the city and other


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Madera Rescue Mission

We have supported the Madera Rescue Mission since their inception and continue to this day to support

in prayer, finances and in whatever other ways we can be of assistance. The Madera Rescue Mission is

committed to the needy, destitute and homeless of our city. They not only meet temporary needs, but

offer long term help and solutions to those who are truly desiring a change in their life.

The Madera Rescue Mission is under the direction of Mike Unger, whom we admire, love and support.

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Missionary Highlight

Shane Lehman and his family reside in Oaxca and have been serving Central America and Mexico for nearly three years now. Shane ministers in jungles and to indigenous groups who have never heard the gospel of Jesus.  Shane and Neomi provide for their family with 100% raised support and partners. Please click on this picture for access to the Lehman's "look book" to see what their ministry is in need of.