I Am Influence Promo

Sean Smith

Description:July 19-21 I AM Influence Conference for youth/young adults. www.iaminfluence.info

Hope For A Generation

Madera Campus Awakening w/Pastor Charles Rigby

Description:Testimony as to what God is doing on our campuses in Madera Unified.

Journey to Purity Week 2 Recap: All Mixed Up

Pastor Charles Rigby & Seth McKeever

Feb.12 2014

Description:This week at RY we took a look at how Mixture (Sin) affected man's life and how purity is the restoration of the image of God in our life. Pastor Charles' notes are availble to download below.

Journey to Purity Week 1 Recap

Charles Rigby & Seth McKeever

Feb.8 2014

Description:Great week 1 of our Series Journey to Purity. Pastor Charles' notes are available for parents down below.

RY: Journey to Purity

Reality Youth Series

Feb.8-April 9 2014

Description:Beginning Feb.8th 2014 we will be going on an 8 week journey to puirity. Topics will range from identity in Christ to relationships with others. JvRY will address the same issues at a level for 7th-8th graders. email c.rigby@maderavwcc.com to be apart of the Parent Network and recieve resource on the next 8 weeks.


Charles Rigby, Katelyn Newberry & Kylan Malady

April 11 2012

Description:Pastor Charles sits down with students Katelyn and Kylan to disscuss Song of Solomon Ch.4 & what it feels like to be loved by Christ in comparisson to being loved by man.


Charles Rigby, Frankie Guerra & Hunter Mosier

April 25, 2012

Description:Pastor Charles sits down with students Frankie, Hunter, and Jorge to discuss Matthew 25 and the heart of a servant. *song featured is "Bear with You" by Trip Lee ft.Tedashii